Glasgow Film Festival Trailer Competition 2010

Hi there!

I am moving my blog over from Central Station ( while they undergo some new changes. The post below was originally posted 2 years ago.

I’ve been working away on a new script for my next meeting with Mark and Clyde on Monday morning. Please let me know what you think…



Everything is in darkness. A beam of light suddenly reveals glimpses of ambiguous shapes and details. The stark contrasts of light and dark create an eerie atmosphere amongst the forests of gigantic cinema seats.

Another light flickers sporadically. This flickering cinema screen light shows the silhouette of a COUPLE holding hands. An USHER, whose torch emits a strong beam of light, leads them.



The COUPLE pass what appears to be a giant piece of paper crumpled on the ground. The USHER impatiently signals to the COUPLE to keep following him. The COUPLE appear worried and look back uncertainly towards the paper. They meet one another’s eyes and their mutual anxiety is clearly demonstrated.

The USHER continues walking underneath the giant cinema seats and abruptly stops. He checks the two tickets in his hand, looks up and nods to the COUPLE.



The USHER pulls a long rope from underneath a giant cinema seat. He reels the rope in quickly. This action pulls the cinema seat down.

The COUPLE look up in astonished confusion. The USHER looks very irritated, sighs and rapidly signals for them to climb onto their seat.

The MAN helps the WOMAN by offering a leg up. The WOMAN groans, removes her high heels and struggles to climb up onto the seat.

The COUPLE are seated comfortably and signal to the USHER. The USHER acknowledges this and releases the rope. The seat immediately collapses back into itself. Just before the COUPLE are squashed by it, cut to line which reads: “GFF10… Now Even Bigger!”


The trailer will be in black and white with a film noir feel. The music score will build up the suspense and eeriness of the unknown giant landscape the COUPLE are in.

The trailer will be a combination of wide and tight locked shots. The action will be filmed on a green screen and superimposed on particular detailed stills of cinema seats.


Still seeking a lighting technician with their own equipment if anyone knows of anyone?… And if anyone happens to own a green screen (which they’re willing to loan out preferably for free) that’d be awesome!


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