Sigma 6

I was up bright and early this morning and cycled to the Mitchell Library. After animating a short sequence for a while and getting slightly frustrated with rotation constraints for the camera movement, I took an extended lunch break. However, I feel this was time well spent as I needed new pedals for my bike and the guys at Alpine Bikes are always so accommodating and chatty. Then I got some yummy soup from Grassroots and felt a little funny eating it on my lonesome on the wall at Charing Cross.

I still haven’t achieved the camera movement I want and have searched the forums for advice without much luck. For anyone who may have a clue; I have a camera and an aim, however after keyframing the aim with some translations, I seem to be unable to keyframe the camera on any rotation axis. The rotation values are oddly highlighted in blue which suggests I’m unable to change them?

Anyway, I decided to move on in the afternoon and did a bit of modelling for my first figure. It’s not at a great stage and currently looks too much like the grim reaper to post, so I’m not going to.

Also, the short video I’ve posted along with this blog ends on a bit of green screen. This is intentional as I hope to insert some footage in After Effects later. The green rectangle is actually meant to be a mirror on the wall. It’ll look ok once I’ve messed around with effects to make it look like a reflection. I was hoping to post a video of a good quality render so the lighting would look better but alas it was not to be. I had some rendering issues whereby I didn’t actually know if the render was working as it was set to the wrong path. So, it ended up in an entirely different file on my computer. Oops… Another more worrying issue is the fact that my poor little macbook can’t really handle it… The fan was going like crazy and I’m really concerned it might burn the hard drive as that happened to a girl on my Maya course. I’m keeping it precariously balanced on two strategically placed highlighter pens so the fan can cool more surface area. Yeah, that’ll work…

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