Sigma 6

I decided to work from home this morning as I didn’t want to haul my laptop around GI venues in the afternoon. I worked on the hand below and planned on getting some rigging done for the figure which enables animation. However, that’ll have to wait till tomorrow as the hand took too long. I like to get the modelling looking exactly as I see it in my head which I know is impossible! Still not happy with the hand, even though it doesn’t really matter because it’ll be in the shadows of the scene.

There’s strikes on tomorrow (Friday 30th April) affecting most Culture & Sport venues so I might be working from home again if the Mitchell’s closed. The museums are definitely closed which is a shame as I was planning to go to Tramway in the afternoon.

I realise I’m posting information and images for the first scene of my short film without providing any context for it. Therefore, I plan on posting a short sketchy storyboard and perhaps the script for the first scene in tomorrow’s post.

Sigma 6
This is a still showing work in progress on my short film 'Sigma 6'

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