Sigma 6

Yesterday I said I’d post the first scene and a (very) rough storyboard. So, here it is! Apologies for the rough storyboard. I did have a better one but the scene’s changed quite a bit now.



Screen blinks from black to blinding white twice. Blurred, undefined shapes slowly come into focus and a fluorescent light fills the screen.

CAM PANS shakily down to the right where, reflected in a large mirror, a female figure is lying bound to a table staring wide eyed into the mirror.  She is wrapped in a coarse black blanket and looks very pale.  Also reflected is a small, burning coal fire behind her.  Everything else is in DARKNESS.

A creaking noise is heard. CAM PANS quickly towards a steel door. A large, cloaked figure emerges out of the door and continues towards the fire.  CAM PANS shakily back to the mirror where the hooded figure’s frame slowly obscures the reflection of the fire. Masses of dark smoke fills the air.

CAM PANS shakily back to the fluorescent light. The cloaked figure gradually comes into shot looking down into the CAM. The figure is holding a long metal pole with a square-shaped hotplate glowing brightly on its end.  The figure’s huge dark frame engulfs the screen to DARKNESS.  The bright hotplate comes suddenly towards CAM. The female screams.

Titles: Sigma 6, 2089

Sigma 6 storyboard
This is a very early storyboard sketch for my film 'Sigma 6'

(Originally posted 30.04.2010 on


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