Sigma 6

On Monday I saw some last minute GI shows. Luckily (if you’ve missed it) Douglas Gordon’s ’24 Hour Psycho Back and Forth and To and Fro’ is still on till Sunday at Tramway and they’re also still showing Christoph Büchel’s ‘Last Man Out Turn Off the Lights.’ Gordon’s 24 Hour Psycho’s always cool to see (especially on such a massive screen) and although I wasn’t too keen on the concept,  Büchel’s piece is well worth a look just to wonder at the sheer scale and attention to detail of it all.

Anyway, I was at the library today working away on perfecting my character’s hands. Spent a good couple hours just sculpting the hands! Got really into it actually. I’m really enjoying modelling. Rigging on the other hand… Not so much fun. (For those not too sure what rigging is; it allows you to build a skeleton for your character and then you ‘bind’ this skeleton to the character’s geometry. This enables you to have control over joints, etc when animating). I had some issues with orientating the joints for the arms correctly. I could create the first arm skeleton okay. However, when it came to mirroring it for the other arm, the joints orientated all funny and I still can’t orient them correctly. I’ve tried the auto orient joints function and rather than mirroring the joints, I tried duplicating them as a group, then scaling x as -1. Nothing seems to work. With the joints orientated incorrectly on one arm, when it comes to creating an IkHandle, the elbow bends in the wrong direction! Although this is rather entertaining to watch, it’s not quite the look I was hoping for. I’ll need to keep at it.

I’ve uploaded a couple of images of the character I’m working on. After all that work on the hands, you won’t really see them in the final piece as the character will be dressed from head to toe in black! Therefore, I’ve uploaded an image of the hands with Maya’s default grey texture so the hands get a chance to show themselves off a bit.Sigma 6

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