Sigma 6

Today I finished painting weights onto my character in the morning. Then I struggled with the Mitchell Library’s free wi-fi as it continued to spontaneously disconnect me. Not ideal when trying to find the answers to frustrating questions in Maya. It took me ages to figure out how to detach one section of a polygon! (Seriously I’m not even going to admit how long it took!) I was left with stray vertices and edges which were a real pain to get rid of as every time I tried to delete them, they just weren’t going anywhere! The library was pretty busy and it got to the point where I was actually a little embarrassed in case anyone had glanced at my screen more than once and saw I was still on the same thing.

If anyone has a similar problem, where you end up with more than one vertex at the same location I have discovered the solution (I think). Just marquee select the one vertex you want to delete (you can see if there is more than one vertex in a single location by checking the Channel Box) and (under the Polygon Menu) select Edit Mesh – Merge. You have to do this for each area of multiple vertices which is a bit of a pain. Then you can easily select the one remaining vertex and select Edit Mesh – Delete Edge/Vertex! Et Voilà!

I spent the rest of the afternoon playing around with animating my character in the environment I’d previously made. I also fixed my previous problem with the camera rotation by creating a new camera with aim and up. I’ve found this much easier to control. Definitely recommend it if dealing with lots of camera movements. Have included a little video of what I’ve done. Pay particular attention to the way the door slams through my character’s arm at the end. This character will (eventually… hopefully) travel through the door! Woohoo!

Yesterday I was at the Open Knowledge Scotland Conference at Inspace in Edinburgh. You can see the twitter thread for the event by searching #okscotland and you can watch the video (recorded live from the event) at
It was a really good day and I met some very cool people. Some of the speakers were raising questions which have occurred to me about the problems facing Open Data such as IP issues and lack of regulators. However, these were just raised in 5 minute short talks and no solutions or alternatives were offered which is rather disappointing. Though, of course that is probably due to the fact that there is no real solution. There’s always going to be the risk of someone taking your ideas as you’re own. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for re-appropriating other people’s work and remixing and particularly love mash-ups. Rather, I mean when someone takes your entire work as their own for commercial gain. I guess you just have to trust folk. At the conference, there was a legal mind speaking of litigations and I was surprised to hear there were any legal proceedings at all under the creative commons act. Apparently there are only a handful and nothing compared to the mountains of copyright cases. So that’s reassuring. The people who want to share their work and the people who want this work to be shared, they’re the same.

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