Sigma 6

Had an eventful weekend where I met an editor at a party who made me question (for the thousandth time) this short film. Been thinking about it a lot since and have come to the conclusion that it’ll probably be closer to 6 minutes in length than 10. I realise this is only a 4 minute difference but that’s quite a lot in animation terms. I’ll probably doubt the content and concept of the film throughout making it and over its future life. Especially when it takes me an incredible amount of time to animate one character moving forwards! I also foresee me critically cutting it apart in about a year or two. However, for now, I just have to make it.

I met my friend, Jenny Baynes this morning to discuss a new short she’s making. Just gave her a few pointers. She’s thinking of using found footage and I told her about If you’ve never been on this site, it’s pretty awesome! Loads of archive photos, moving images, audio, etc from anything to 1950s cars to cabaret dancing and old tv adverts! All in the public domain so it’s free to use!

This afternoon I played around with camera movements, trying to get decent point of view shots. I also continued to animate my first character and struggled along with the Graph Editor in Maya. Wish I’d remembered earlier about moving keyframes in the Graph Editor… I couldn’t work out why it would work sometimes, but not others and just blamed it on maya’s bad temper… until I realised you have to be on the move tool before clicking the middle mouse button on the keyframe(s) you want to move. Also discovered a neat website with all Maya’s shortcuts Easy to forget them as Maya has SO many! I’m always so grateful for all the forums and helpful tutorials out there for free! If only the Mitchell Library’s free internet was a little bit faster… you know so it doesn’t continue to emulate 1999 dial-up speeds.

Sigma 6

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