Sigma 6

Today I was playing with fire! I followed a tutorial online here and came up with this:

Which, if you look at the original tutorial is miles away from the realism the tutor achieved! It was a long tutorial with over 20 steps, so a lot of backwards and forwards. Finally (when I wasn’t getting anywhere with it) I noticed loads of comments underneath all agreeing it was a rubbish tutorial! Wish I’d read that first.

Anyway, I found a MUCH simpler tutorial here and within a couple of steps, I had a much better fire started! If only I hadn’t wasted time following the first tutorial…

I was also working a bit on animating my character, so the door no longer closes through his arm! (Even though I kind of liked this effect to remove the viewer from their natural suspension of disbelief).

I think after a few more days animating and a day filming, this first scene’ll be on the way to completion! (After some days in After Effects as well.) To render this scene, I’m definitely going to buy a cooling pad for my poor little Macbook. Was thinking about this one
Any suggestions?

(Originally posted 20.05.2010 on


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