Sigma 6

Last week my blog was badly neglected I’m afraid. I spent most of the week working on a funding application for this project, so fingers crossed! I also attended Cultural Enterprise’s Starting Out Event on Tuesday and randomly bumped into an old uni friend I used to live with! The CEO event was very good and although I attended it a couple years ago (after graduating), I felt it was a lot more relevant now. I’ve registered self-employed so it was really useful to think about planning, budgets and charging more realistic rates for work. I would encourage anyone thinking of starting any creative entrepreneurial stuff to go on it! Plus they are super nice and I met some really lovely people!

Anyway, I’ve been working on animating the first scene. I’ve included a couple videos with this post to show a character lifting a pole. It’s amazing how much work has gone into such a short (rather unimpressive) animation! (The green bubbles are fire.) Had some issues with the pole travelling through the character’s hands and making the pole move with them. This had to do with creating the correct constraints for it. Also had trouble trying to make the metal plate look ‘hot’ and have ended up with this:

However, the effect seems to change at different angles… It’s just a simple ‘glow’ effect on a material, although I also experimented with bump mapping to get the metal looking really burned. Still haven’t achieved the effect I want yet.

I’ll be back in the library tomorrow!

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