Sigma 6

Today I was animating the last few things for scene 1 and began playing around with lighting some more. Lighting… is difficult. I’ve heard that ‘Digital Lighting & Rendering’ by Jeremy Birn is a really good book to get your head around it all. Might have to invest in it as the library hasn’t got it and didn’t sound too positive about the possibility of buying it. (I’ve requested a book in the past and they got it a couple months later as they have an annual budget for these things. However, as with everything, there budget is now cut.)

I just want the scene to look good… at the moment (mainly due to the light) it doesn’t. I can’t wait around for the library to maybe purchase Birn’s book. Another possibility is to borrow an earlier print of the book from Glasgow Uni library off of a kind matriculated friend.

I re-discovered how to stop lights from affecting certain objects by using the Light Linking under Relationship Editors. Under Light-Centric, you can control which lights affect which objects by selecting the lights on the lefthand side of the list and then deselecting the objects you do not want affected by said light.

Stopped off at Trongate 103 this evening for one of their first Thursdays night. The Print Studio has a really cool members exhibition on where artists have been limited to 50 x 50 cm. It’s on till the 27th June so plenty time to check it out. Plus if you have a few pounds to spare, most of the work is for sale. I wanted a few prints myself but don’t have the pennies right now. Considering using the ‘Own Art’ thing where you can pay with a more manageable monthly fee but enjoy the artwork right away! It’s like a loan of sorts with 0% APR.


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