Sigma 6

Yikes! What have I been up to? I’m a little frustrated that my film has had to take a backseat recently. Last week I was in Chester, Manchester & London as the final part of a course I was on. (Note to self: refrain from taking any further courses until film is completed!)

I’ve also been perusing the Glasgow & Edinburgh degree shows (surprisingly preferring the latter). I was particularly wowed by Val McLean’s twisted light installation ( and Alex Tobin’s fun interactive musical box entitled “my boat”  (, both are Edinburgh graduates. I was also left with a lot to think about after receiving a talk from Jamie Robinson as part of a performance piece ( On Wednesday evening I went to Inspace for a bit of Theremin fun from a couple guys from Found. Also watched an amazing documentary about Leon Theremin where answers as to exactly why he was kidnapped from America by the KGB are still hazy. Before the screening, I walked past the herds of beautifully dressed stars attending the opening night of Edinburgh International Film Festival. And, for a moment, I wished I was going to see ‘The Illusionist’ (especially as I love Belleville Rendez-Vous), however that moment soon vanished when I found out I’d get a shot on the coolest of cool electronic musical instrument! Thank you Inspace! Inspace are showing quite a few films for free during Edinburgh International Film Festival, so if (like me) you’re broke from the price of EIFF tickets, you can enjoy classics like ‘A Matter of Life and Death’ and a soon-to-be classic ‘Moon’.

I also had a little peak at Fruitmarket Gallery’s Johan Grimonprez show and Collective’s Torsten Lauschmann show. I need to go back when I’ve got more time next week as Grimonprez’s videos are pretty long. I’m back up in Edinburgh for EIFF for some animations/short films on Monday and a couple feature films on Thursday. I also hope I’ve got time to see the Johannes Sailor show at Sierra Metro next week.

Yesterday and today I’ve been working on a new character for my film. I decided to try a different way of modelling a character, so I followed this brilliant tutorial If you’re a complete newbie, you’ll find a few instructions are not embellished upon. (For instance, merging vertices, deleting edges and combining separate polygons into one.) I was hoping to have this new character finished and rigged by the end of this week… I think I will be working late on Sunday night! You can see some of my progress in the image below:

(Originally posted 18.06.2010 on


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