Sigma 6

I’ve been working away without updating my blog again! Sorry about that…

I’ve almost finished the new Sigma 6 character I’ve been working on. I’ve really enjoyed modelling her and could continue to improve this if I had the time. Below is an image of how dodgy the model went when I mirrored the geometry. Ended up having to physically move and merge every vertex along the middle!

Texturing was a little difficult without unwrapping UVs, etc (as I’m only a beginner and kind of want that early 90s gaming look in the film). So I’ve just used general coloured blinn/lambert textures.

Today I’ve been rigging the character. Really don’t like rigging characters. Creating and renaming joints, figuring out hierarchy, parenting, etc… is just too monotonous. So this time, I’ve been a little more cunning and saved the character mesh as a separate scene from the mesh with rigging and then another scene for binding the mesh to the rig. This way, I can perhaps re-model the original mesh and re-use the skeleton rig for future characters! (Why didn’t I think of this before?!) It’s really obvious and will save me loads of work next time I’m making a character. However, not sure how useful the rig will be with a different character mesh? I’ll probably have to move it about a bit, which I imagine will still be easier than starting it all from scratch.

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