Sigma 6

Afraid it’s been a while since my last post. Had a placement at Forest of Black where I had the opportunity to work on footage from Fence Records’ Homegame festival which took place in March. It was brilliant as I got to edit footage from two of my favourite bands Found and Eagleowl.

I’ve been having trouble painting weights on my Sigma character… When I roll her back forwards, this happens:

I’ve pretty much given up fixing it… realising (a little too late) I most likely will not need her to roll forwards anyway! If anyone has any advice, it would be much appreciated! Think I may have a questionable joint structure as the sternum joint and two of the spine joints pass each other but are not connected. I’ve spent ages trying to paint these weights at varying degrees of intensity, but nothing’s worked.

I’ve moved onto my favourite element in creating this short film: modelling. I’m currently working on the Sigma 6 ‘base’ (the main workplace). Really like designing these things and think this stems from my brief architectural past. These images show the building’s progression:

Having a bit of trouble with Maya on my wee Macbook now that the building’s getting a little too big for it to cope 😦 To solve this problem, I’ve decided to win the lottery and buy myself some lovely G5’s with huge cinema displays!

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