Sigma 6

Apologies as I’ve been working away forgetting to blog my progress. I’ve spent quite a few weeks modelling the main building for my short film and am still not happy with it! I’ve included some photos below…

Today, after modelling in the morning I decided to move on. However, after Maya crashed on me three times whilst trying to paint weights for my pregnant Sigma 6 character, I went back to modelling! I’m having a bit of trouble lighting the scenes well… I’m a bit worried the end result may look completely rubbish.

Unfortunately I’m extremely behind in my previously calculated schedule. Several things are to blame for that… Mainly moving flats, working for money and social commitments. The latter is by far the most important. With a beautiful niece and gorgeous wee nephew to play with, my own work sometimes gets neglected.

The story for my film has changed a little bit as I keep coming up with new scenes and ditching earlier ones. (This also doesn’t help my schedule). Initially I wanted to have the film finished by the end of this month. However I’ve not finished the second scene yet, so I’ll be lucky if it’s finished by the end of the year!

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