Sigma 6

I just bought a green screen on Amazon! I bought this one – so hopefully it’s fairly good for the bits of filming I need to do for this animation. A little worried about lighting it all properly in the room in my flat which my partner and I have called our ‘studio.’ It’s a multi-functional space which houses all our random crap, laundry and computers. Not sure how well I’m going to work in my new ‘studio’ space, but we’ll soon find out. Frustratingly, I had to stop going to the Mitchell library in order to avoid a certain random man who made me feel very uncomfortable. I tried going to Hillhead Library, however the strip lighting was flickering annoyingly, there was a shrieking child (who seemed to have the unnatural ability to continue screaming without ever stopping for breath), the internet connection would come and go, and to reach the toilets (which were located just through the wall on the same floor) I had to go downstairs then back up a different staircase! At least in my flat there is a constant supply of tea available and an easily accessible toilet. However, I just worry I’m not disciplined enough to ignore the constant distractions available at home. (Mainly TV, housework and sleep).

Hopefully the new schedule I drew up today will help me keep to some kind of routine at home. (See image below). I also revised the script and wrote out all the required shots for green screen filming.

Last week I took time off to visit a couple dear friends in Cornwall and had an amazing time visiting the Eden Project, St Ives and going around Falmouth. So this week I got back into the fabulous world of Maya and have been laboriously painting weights on a character. I won’t post images of this as it’s boring enough just discussing it. Hopefully by the end of next week, I’ll have a new character completed to post.

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