Sigma 6

It’s been almost a month since my last blog post! Since then, I’ve been working away on a new character (see image below) and reworking my website (look here)! The latter has unfortunately taken up most of my time as I switched hosts. Not an easy thing to do, especially where Fasthosts are concerned. I’m now much happier with my current web host (EUKHost) as they are much more helpful and half the cost! Fasthosts kept increasing my monthly charges to the point where I was paying almost £7 a month for a simple site! Plus an annual £30 for who knows what, then a bi-annual £28 for renewing my domain name!

Anyway, after that little rant… I’m quite behind in my schedule for this short film. (Various reasons, including a last minute trip to London, wedding, helping friends with their films/videos, etc…) I’m most excited by the London trip where I went to an open day to see about doing an MA in Animation. Therefore, I really need to get this film finished and add it to my portfolio reel for my application!

The figure below will be a ‘KORAS’ character who is one of the lowest classes. I was quite happy with her, then recently had a total rethink and want to make her much shorter. I’ve started binding the character, so hoping a quick ‘Y’ scaling will work, though she may end up looking squashed… So I may have to go back to the modelled version where she is unbound and rejig it that way. See what works.

I’ve potentially found someone who will help film the green screen scenes! So I’m hoping to get that completed in the next few weeks. Hope everyone’s enjoying the snow! I’ve yet to get out and make a snowman 😦

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