Sigma 6

With everyone complaining about the weather, I decided to do something completely mad/brave and photograph my green screen scenes in a huge warehouse without heating. I was frozen beyond belief but feel relieved to have finally got these scenes out the way. It feels like a key part of the film has begun.

Below, you can see one of the green screen shots with an early image of what it might look like in the mirror of a scene. Many thanks are due to my friend Jenny who photographed the shots and helped majorly with lighting and setting up. A bit amateurly, the green screen isn’t perfectly tight and evenly lit… however it’s the best we could do with my makeshift rail (3 broom handles tapped together) hanging between two light stands holding the screen in place.

I think it’ll look alright once I place all the images on the maya renders I’ve got. I am slightly worried about the amount of green screen images I’ve got… It may end up looking a bit jittery and lo-fi which I don’t particularly mind (If anything it may be more interesting against the CGI). Just hope it’ll be enough to look like a moving image!

I’ve also been animating a character falling and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, I ended up getting my partner to fall several times whilst I filmed him! Poor man! He had a sore bum by the end of it but on the brightside, I’ve got a great Muybridge-style group of images which I can use for reference. It’s really helped the animation I was trying to do. It reminds me of a short film I saw on bonus material from a Disney film where the animators said they often watch each other doing specific movements to get a better idea of how to make their animations.

Hope everyone’s enjoying the snow and time off their work!

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