Sigma 6

Today I was trying to animate textures (see results in video attached). I wanted to alter a texture to make it look snowy as the character was dying. I went through a few forums to find the best way to do this… I had a movie of a noisy tv screen and used after effects to render out the video as an image sequence. Maya wasn’t recognising the filenames I used and there was a lot of conflicting online advice as to why this may be.

These forums were the best:

The following (amongst others) didn’t work:

Finally, this one worked: imagename.[#].tag
I think Maya didn’t like all the zeros in the filenames which the multiple hashtags provide.

I’ve been having trouble getting a camera to follow a path so that the final images replicate a walking person’s viewpoint. I think it’ll just be a case of spending many more hours tweaking all the points along the curve I’ve made and perhaps keyframing the aim of the camera as well. (See image below). I’m quite a bit behind in my set timetable for this film now! Definitely need to get up earlier and work later!

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