Sigma 6

I’ve been trying to concentrate on purely animating at the moment. (Though I keep getting/providing distractions for myself!) Including modelling a new small character  (see early pic below) for an impromptu scene that came to mind. Additionally, I’ve been working on redesigning my website using so that it is more easily managed. Now I’m wondering if would’ve been a better system… However the Textpattern forum is very active with a lot of folk willing to help and give advice. Personally, I couldn’t think of anything I’d rather do less than look through someone else’s coding, but hey, these guys do it and they do it for free! I’ve also setup a website for a friend who is starting a media company It’s not quite ready as they’ve still to populate it.

Anyway, I’ve been animating the short part of a scene and it’s taken ages! Although I could picture how the pregnant woman would get out of this machine, I couldn’t create the movement pose to pose very well. Kudos to my other half, David who once again performed for me (though he drew the line at stuffing a pillow down his t-shirt!) So I drew him as he held the poses from lying down to sitting up to standing up. It’s been a great reference point.

So this new bird-like creature… I’m thinking she’ll soar into a scene diagonally, crashing right into the ground (or perhaps even going right through it?) The latter reminding the viewer of the fictional quality of virtual reality and its untenable nature.

(Originally posted 01.04.2011 on


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