Sigma 6

Over a month’s gone by since my last post and I’ve been super busy. Mainly I’ve been working on a couple other projects and so I’ve had to neglect this poor animation once again. Nonetheless, I’ve managed to get some of the last bits of modelling done (see images below). I’ve also prepared the rest of my green screen footage (even though I’ve still got no clue how half of it’s going to work with the maya stuff…)

I enjoyed modelling and texturing the bed although my lighting’s still not very good… The new character won’t do much in the animation and so I haven’t spent long painting weights on her geometry but I’ll possibly end up doing this anyway in case I change my mind. Also I’d like to make the models available to download for free at some point in the future. (Does anyone know if I do this, do I just need to put up the Maya Binary Scene File or do I have to find all the associated files also for it to work on someone else’s comp?)

I can almost taste the end here… even though it’s still a long way off! I’m concerned my poor little laptop cannot handle rendering out all my scenes. Think I’ll invest in another desk fan and test it out. I was looking into the possibility of hiring a workspace which could handle Renders better but so far cannot find any in Glasgow.

I’ve also been looking into possible film festivals to submit my final piece to and came across this rather great website

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