Sigma 6

On Tuesday I was up in Edinburgh and saw a few wonderful pieces. Firstly, Alma Mater by production company Fish & Game (created for a one person audience) is beautifully moving and aspirationally original. It is all viewed in a small white room, using an i-pad to watch its story unfold. It cannot be described in words, really if you can, go see it! It’s on until August 29th at St George’s West just off Princes St. I also went to Fruitmarket Gallery (bit disappointed with Ingrid Calame’s work to be honest) and then climbed Martin Creed’s marble extravaganza Work No. 1059. The refurbishment of The Scotsman Steps was long-awaited and really anything would’ve been an improvement, but to walk up these extraordinary steps, I was amazed by the amount of work that must’ve gone into just sourcing all the material (and secretly sighing at the carbon footprint of bringing it all to Edinburgh).

For a laugh, I went to see Andi Osho at the Pleasance Courtyard and thoroughly enjoyed her All the Single Ladies show. On the way in with my other half, he worried that perhaps the content wouldn’t really be for him. On the contrary, we were surprised to discover the whole show was aimed at trying to get herself (Osho) a date! Apparently she had so far been on 5 dates with men from previous shows. Unfortunately no men at our show were single (or at least nobody had the nerve to put themselves forward), possibly due to the fact that it was 241 on tickets that night! She seemed so naturally comfortable on stage and her down-to-earth charm makes her instantly likeable. If you’ve never seen her live, I would definitely recommend it!

For my Sigma 6 film, I seem to have greatly underestimated time in Maya and so, I need to at least double the length of a lot of the camera movement! One of the images I really like is the one looking through the door at a character working at a see-through computer screen. I need to at least quadruple the time looking at this. I think I was so eager to have gotten it in, I just wanted to quickly see what it looks like! Any tips/advice on the film is more than welcome as always.

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