Sigma 6

Very excited today as I’ve sent a first version (but not fully rendered) off to Chris and Paul at! Still have a few animating tweaks here and there to do, as well as some After Effects stuff. So plenty to keep going. I’ve also made a list of possible video art and film festivals with deadlines to apply to. So, fingers crossed Sigma 6 will get into one or two!

A couple weeks ago I was animating a character’s hands in closer detail. Unfortunately, I have since discovered the hands won’t even be seen from the camera angle I’ve got!

I’m having lighting issues rendering the second scene. The first image below is the last image of the first scene render and the one below it is the first image of the next scene. It’s really a continuation of the same camera shot and the lighting should all be the same. Though, for some unknown reason, it is not… I’ve double-checked everything and cannot find what’s different. The only thing I can think of is the amount of lights could be affecting it. I read somewhere that if you have over 8, mental ray can’t really handle it. Not sure what I can do about that.

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