BAA Sting (work in progress)

I think I’m almost there! I’ve uploaded a better quality export to YouTube this time. I just have the audio to do now… that may take a while since I usually get others to do my scores. It was suggested that the silence may work better but I tend to think a good score can really improve a film.

Let me know what you think!



  1. What a cute animation…I really think it’s great!! Is it possible to keep the final image up a little longer? Think even just a few more seconds…I think the little sheep and broken fence with “baa” is funny but needs shown a little more. I think some music would really add to it as well….something dramatic? No ideas on what though, sorry. Love it! Good luck with finishing it off! xxx

  2. Thanks Jo! Yeah, I was wanting to keep the logo on a bit longer too… the only issue is that the max time is 24 seconds so would need to cut down time elsewhere and I can’t find anywhere I can take away from.

    David suggested some kind of classical, clarinet playing dreamy music might work best. (Changing to slightly scarier music when he’s got the jet pack on and then a loud crash when it explodes, maybe cymbals?) The whole thing could be instrumental… I was going to make some sheep ‘baa-ing’ laughing noises for it but thinking that could be done with a brass instrument? I’ll need to experiment a bit tomorrow.

    I’ll let you know when it’s finished! (especially as I’ll need you’re help with votes!) đŸ˜‰

  3. This is great!! I love the “Insomnia Training” sign at the beginning! Have you found a score to go with it? Looking forward to the music! I agree that the last image could be kept up for maybe even a second longer… could you speed up the rest of the video maybe by a second to make the end longer? Good luck!! And let me know when it’s voting time!! xxx

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