World Event Young Artists Photoblog (day two)

[n] PLATEAUX by Marco Cecotto

I had fun playing with the interactive multimedia installation by Marco Cecotto at Broadway this afternoon. There were four coloured seats in the room and the projections and audio would change depending on which ones you sat on. His blog is full of his previous works including interactive sound installations in bins!

Medu and Usutha performance

These African performers had an incredible amount of energy and enthusiasm for a hot, Sunday afternoon. They also got members of the audience up to dance who participated willingly. One volunteer even managed to kick nearly as high as they could.

Kamarulzaman Bin Mohamed Sapiee

Tenzing Dakpa

The above two images were taken at the Photographer’s Hub. I really liked Dakpa’s zines of his work as they were printed so well on A3 newsprint. His website is also well worth a gander – with a horizontal scroll tab of endless pictures. (Little tip: you need to hover over the left hand side of his homepage to get options to see his work.)

Artists Liz West and Nick Hughes walking up to Nottingham Castle for our evening meal.

Another one of Hood’s classic disguises.

Seeing as youth is what WEYA’s all about, I thought I’d throw this one in.

The exceptionally talented Ayanna performed again after last night’s gig.

Creative Cocktail Award, Rocket at Saltwater

Creative Cocktail Award, Rocket at Saltwater

Afraid we left the Creative Cocktail Award after the second contestant and therefore I do not know who won out of the ten. Apparently there were too many people there, so there wasn’t really any free booze to stick around for. The bar it was all taking place in was too pricey for us artists.

The Mandala with 3D light projections

The evening entertainment at Market Square illuminated the City Halls. I particularly enjoyed the mixture of Asian music and dance with urban break dancing.


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