World Event Young Artists Photoblog (day three)

Tour of Britain

The first thing I saw this morning (or rather didn’t see) was the Tour of Britain!

Tour of Britain de-rig

I arrived in time to see the whole thing being dismantled and missed my chance at seeing Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins! Bit gutted, but the day ahead made up for it…

The New Art Exchange

Foreground: Eleni Economou | Background: Abdelaziz Zerrou

Eleni Economou’s work reminded me of Rachel Whiteread’s mixed with lego.

Anonymous Syrian Exhibition

Unfortunately due to the situation in Syria, these artists exhibited anonymously.

Catharina Freuis

Mathias Isouard

Alana Tyson

Over the past few days, I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Alana and was very much looking forward to seeing her work at Lakeside today. Her textile canvases look good enough to eat. She’s also mega busy and even went back to Wales this morning to set up another show!

A Four Letter Word (before performance)

A Four Letter Word (after performance)

I was blown away by The Classic Stage Company‘s A Four Letter Word production which focuses on Allen Ginsberg’s works and mental health issues. Set in an insane asylum, the play was brimming with Ginsberg’s poetic verses delivered by a team of extremely talented actors. At one point David Jackson astounded the entire audience with what must have been a 40 minute monologue of Ginsberg’s poetry expressed in a highly energetic and emotional performance.

Matthew John Atkinson

I spoke to Matt about his paintings as I had some technical questions – like how do you make a stretched canvas in the arch shape as above? The elaborate process he described is time-consuming but important in his work with its otherworldy, religious references. Matt’s recently been featured in Modern Painters and is soon to begin the Turps Art School Painting Programme.
Jim is an Edinburgh based photographer whose work reminded me of Ken Currie. The eerie quality of his work, with its clear references to death, was disturbingly appealing.
Chen Jiang playing the Gu Zheng
Gu Zheng
The Gu Zheng sounded similar to a harp, but with beautiful oriental tones. This instrument was played with a combination of elegance and vigour by Chen Jiang.

The ceremony had multiple steps to it, however this was my favourite one!
This work was part of a group exhibition in a barber shop! One of the things I’ve loved about WEYA is the diversity of its venues… Although my feet have slightly suffered due to the distance between the venues.

Just a reminder of where we are.
I finished the evening with a chilled out performance by Beirut musicians, Taht Ahl El-Hawa who played classical and traditional music from the Arabic Renaissance. After the gig, I met Montreal dancers who will be performing No Light Thing at Waverley tomorrow from 7pm, so I’m looking forward to that!

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