World Event Young Artists (day four)

Tom Duggan

Mok Jung Wook

Caroline Monnet

The above works were located at One Thoresby Street. In the Attic (up a million stairs but worth the trip) I saw Monnet’s above film Gephyrophobia, which was playing on Saturday at the launch night. The soundtrack is really important in this piece so do go if you get the chance (and take an energy drink for all the stair-climbing). It’s also worth seeing One Thoresby‘s cool film screening space:

Carmen Rubio Ortells

This piece by Spanish artist Ortells at Surface Gallery caught my eye with its dark undertones mixed with childhood innocence.

Joe Doldon

Joe relaxing after a full morning of gallery visits

We’ve all been pretty exhausted with all the walking around and late nights, naturally a little lie down on a gallery floor in the sunshine is most welcome. Joe’s work is on show at St Peter’s Church and he has an upcoming solo show at Blankspace, Manchester.

Viccy Adams

I wasn’t expecting to see short stories in a gallery space, however it makes sense when you consider all of the cultural events happening at WEYA, and I’m glad it was up as I really enjoyed Viccy’s work. I heartily recommend you download the four short stories from this exhibition here.

Species of Space

I saw four films at Broadway, including David Lamelas, John Smith, Fischli & Weiss and Georges Perec. I had seen Smith’s The Girl Chewing Gum and Fischli & Weiss’s The Right Way before but as they are so good, I wanted to see them again (you simply can’t go wrong with a man in a panda suit speaking German to a man in a giant rat suit).

No Light Thing

No Light Thing

Dorian Nusking-Oder’s production of No Light Thing was an ingenious piece of dance, theatre and technology. The performance included a video camera and television monitor which allowed the audience to see it from two perspectives. With clever direction and choreography, Montréal dancers Nate and Rose delivered a remarkably emotive performance.


Valentina Dal MasTranzformation was a wonderous dance where her speedy movements seemed to effortlessly glide around the space, leaving no piece of floor untouched. My camera just couldn’t keep up (hence the red blur above!)


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