World Event Young Artists Photoblog (day five)

Left: Alana Tyson | Right: Ben Wigley

This morning Liz West, Alana Tyson and I went to Broadway to record our voices for World of Ideas which is a short film produced by Ben Wigley (who runs artdocs). The film is made up with contributions from WEYA filmmakers. Hopefully it will be shown at Broadway today!

Alana and Liz watching my film Sigma 6 at The Cutting Room.

Me, as an angel, wearing a Skinny Man tee next to my film which is showing at The Cutting Room until 30 October 2012.

Mirror on the Screen by Charlotte Gould and Paul Sermon

Liz interacting with Mirror on the Screen.

Deconstructed Metaverse by Michael Takeo Magruder

Alana playing with Deconstructed Metaverse shortly before breaking it (it was fixed later on). Navigating an online world, viewers use the arrow keys to move the avatar around a utopian realm.

Deconstructed Metaverse by Michael Takeo Magruder 
Deconstructed Metaverse by Michael Takeo Magruder
Deconstructed Metaverse by Michael Takeo Magruder

I was actually more interested in seeing the changing code of the world in Deconstructed Metaverse and the microchip above. The code in itself seems otherworldly with all the programming terminology, it is another language.

From the Grammar of the Country Davon by Esther Strauß

This was an interactive piece where you can recreate the world.

Alana repositioning her (and my) home country, Canada.

Our repositioned world meant that the UK was right next to Canada (as we all have family and friends in these countries) with Italy close-by for our sunny breaks.

Atolls by Alex Pain

Atolls by Alex Pain

Atolls by Alex Pain

The contrasts in materials in Pain’s work fitted in perfectly at The Primary‘s run-down blue building project space which showed signs of serious neglect with damp and broken walls.

Alana, Liz and I had a pretty chilled out day with some cake and shopping thrown in to avoid hitting the too much art we can’t think anymore brick wall.

How to Overcome the Great Tiredness by Eduardo Fukushima

How to Overcome the Great Tiredness by Eduardo Fukushima

Eduardo’s performance was like nothing I’ve ever seen before. His body was continually spasming with involuntary and what often seemed to be painful movements. This powerful performance was enhanced by an impressive score of electronic beats.

Deforme by Jose Arispe Franco Rodriguez

Deforme by Jose Arispe Franco Rodriguez

A classically trained dancer explored the limits of his body. With his back to the audience, Jose faced a huge screen which projected a filmed image of himself dancing. He performed almost the same movements back, however he was not as agile, graceful or skillful in his motions, often repeating the same ones over, rather than moving onto a more difficult movement which his pre-filmed self was doing. This lead me to think of dance classes or DVDs where one gets comfortable with a step and repeats it, rather than following onto the next one. The performance was also melancholic as we watched a ballet dancer who is no longer able to keep up.


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