World Event Young Artists Photoblog (day six)

At breakfast this morning, we were greeted with a lovely surprise! The WEYA catalogue…

Um… yeah the book just happened to fall open on this lovely page.

Did I mention it’s GOLD?

As if one book wasn’t enough, the lovely Liz West gifted her colourful catalogue to me as well.

You can should get yourself a limited edition copy here.

Alison Kerhsaw speaking at a-n‘s Collaborate Creatively today which was chaired by Chris Fremantle.

Rosalie Schweiker talking at Collaborate Creatively.

Rosalie’s talk was refreshing in its approach; with her down to earth honesty about her art practice. She is soon to begin a residency at Blumen Kunstverein Leipzig where she will collaborate with Maria Guggenbichler. You can read more about this on her wiki-styled website here.

A Reading Sculpture
by Martina Conti

A Reading Sculpture by Martina Conti

A Reading Sculpture
 by Martina Conti

The Reading Sculpture at Lakeside left me wanting to actually read the books the performers were reading. Some of them were mumbling the words and some were reading in silence. It was not what I was expecting… As a story-lover I was hoping to go in and listen. Instead, I ended up reading over their shoulders until they walked away from me.

Bane by Joe Bone

So happy I got to see the third part of Bane. This was one man (Joe Bone) performing the roles of about 10 people! It was spectacular to watch and very entertaining. He addressed the audience a few times and used mime and vocal noises throughout the performance.

José Miguel Ando Alvarez

A classical guitarist from Bolivia, José’s performance was so soothing, I found myself closing my eyes for a kind of synaesthesic experience.

José Guillermo Puello Alfonso

The singer’s operatic voice complimented the wind and string instruments well. Unfortunately this event was running a little behind and we had to leave after the first song to catch The Beginning (image below).

The Beginning with Nicki Hobday, Michael Pinchbeck and Ollie Smith.

The actors’ feelings on stage were laid bare as each performer reminisced about their first stage performances. The performance then evolved into a love story using Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Serge Gainsbourg’s Je t’aime… moi non plus and the actors’ own love of theatre. Michael Pinchbeck confessed he played the Donkey in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Nicki Hobday played a corpse and Ollie Smith forgot his lines.

So, today’s my last day! I’m looking forward to ParkinProgress‘ exhibitions/performances from 4.30 – 10pm and the wrap party (of course!)


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