World Event Young Artists Photoblog (day seven)

World of Ideas by Ben Wigley

Today we saw Ben’s film which we contributed voice recordings to at Broadway. It really encompassed WEYA with such a mix of cultures combined in a beautifully edited short.

Gold paralympic T42 200m medallist Richard Whitehead and me.

Richard Whitehead was in Market Square today signing autographs and taking photos!

Ling Peng Jam Session

Guitarist Simon Jackson at the Ling Peng Jam Session

Tanvi Rao of Sulk Station at Ling Peng Jam Session

Tanvi had such a beautiful voice and was kind enough to give me one of Sulk Station‘s albums. It is a really great, relaxing compilation.

Patyatann at Ling Peng Jam Session

Quite possibly the best Jam Session I’ve ever seen! It’s hard to believe everyone was improvising.

Ling Peng Jam Session

A never-ending stream of talented musicians seemed to be continually showing up with instruments and joining in. It was incredible!

Flávio Renegado at Ling Peng Jam Session

Robotferencia – Interactive Conference
 with artist Pablo Gustavo Benitez Tiscornia

Robotferencia – Interactive Conference with artist Pablo Gustavo Benitez Tiscornia

Dancing of the Grass with Alana Tyson

Alana and I were happy to have finally caught the grass people, after two visits this week to Lakeside without seeing them.

Park in Progress – Isabellas by Deborah Stevenson, Emilia Robinson, Hannah Silva & Rachel Farrer.

Park in Progress – Isabellas by Deborah StevensonEmilia RobinsonHannah Silva & Rachel Farrer.

Park in Progress – Traveling Krasnikov Tube by Ludwig Pasenau

A great light and smoke installation in the tunnel under the castle. I filmed this and will be using it for my upcoming Vj set in Glasgow’s Brunswick Hotel.

Park in Progress – La Femme Sale by Natalie Raven

Park in Progress – Sun Dial by Anna Mawby, Holly Hopkins & Victor Lam

Unfortunately we missed the frozen ice sun dial…

Park in Progress – The Forest Inside Me Keep Me In It Like A Shadow by Marguerite Bobey & Wen-Chin Fu

Park in Progress – Warning by András Juhász

Park in Progress – Metamorphosis by Helen Stead, Kasia Ozga, Marguerite Bobey & Hannah Silva

This installation was enhanced by an audio piece and looked better in the dark.

Park in Progress – Dividing Plane by Adam Walker

Park in Progress – The Tree of Glass by Coraline Grandin

Park in Progress – Subversion by Carl Fransson, David Bethell, Sam Spreckley & Samuel Cook

Park in Progress

WEYA Wrap Party at Nottingham Contemporary

Si Tew at WEYA Wrap Party

Moseek at at WEYA Wrap Party

WEYA Wrap Party at Nottingham Contemporary

WEYA Wrap Party at Nottingham Contemporary

These drummers were very dedicated and lasted until the bitter end at 3am!

WEYA Wrap Party de-rig at Nottingham Contemporary

A brilliant end to an overwhelmingly outstanding week of visual arts, music, performances, workshops, events and great company.


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