Virgin Media Shorts Reviews

I will be updating this blog post daily with short reviews of the 13 Virgin Media shortlisted Shorts.


 by amanda

Apparently this short is an edited version of a longer film by the same name. It’s difficult to imagine it any longer as it works perfectly the way it is. Two flatmates with clashing personalities play out humourous scenarios in this engaging short. With no dialogue, this film stands out from the rest.


Lucky 13: Pj, Tiny Planet Explorer
 by kickthepj

Not exactly a satisfying 2 minute short in its own right, would perhaps be better to recreate it into a 5 minute short with more planet exploration and a better conclusion? It felt like the beginning was perhaps a little too long and then it suddenly ended. I did like the circular fisheye lens shots, but thought more experimentation could be done with them.


The Plotters by guerrierbrothers

Three Roberts… but which is the explosives expert? This short reminded me a little of Monty Python; it’s funny and cleverly put together. It pokes fun at the fact that they all look similar and some characters share the same name, which adds to the confusion and irritation of the protagonist. Just watch it.


Mourning Rules
 by dancd

An unusual storyline where a woman is trying to teach her disinterested sister how to be a professional mourner. The film has a dark feel to it, with humourous undertones. It’s difficult to decide whether I liked this one or not; the topic is not normally approached with humour. And yet, the quirkiness in the idea of a professional mourner adds to the film’s attractiveness.


Dream Girl by aliceseabright

For some reason my first thought when watching this film was what a nightmare it must have been to film on the underground. This could reflect poorly on the story, which is more a glimpse at a sweet moment in time than a strong narrative. However, these glimpses in time are often more memorable than a complex story. In fact, this film will probably come to mind the next time I’m on the tube… and isn’t that what film can be used for; to subtly introduce reflection?


Without Saying by filmmakerpaul

Something I’m sure most people will struggle with at one point in their lives, this short gets the message across simply. With young love on screen it’s hard to do something original, however the unusual metaphors in the dialogue keep this film interesting. Also, the cinematography and colours used compliment the story well.


A Brush with a Bee by katieparnell

A beautifully textured animation with really nice lighting. I don’t particularly like the story, but that’s because it seems to degrade Modern Art with easily found fame. I do like the idea of a bee and a painter working together, so perhaps more could have be explored with that?


MAN UP by carolinagiammetta

I’m at a loss for words with this one… I can see what the film is trying to do, however the execution falls short. I didn’t find it funny and with all the stereotypes, it felt like a futile film. Perhaps more needs to happens in the film?


Sprockett by hazelmeeks

A charming short, though lacking originality. Think Home Alone where the boys are afraid of Old Man Marley, who turns out to be a nice guy. The dark colours give this film an almost nostalgic quality, but I feel more could’ve been done to offer something new.


Super Fast Samosa by sundeeptoor

I can pretty much guarantee you’ve never seen a film like this before. With an Indian-style of animation, the patterns and colours really stand out. A samosa on the run from hungry mouths makes for an entertaining short!


The Best Medicine by dansmith

An enjoyable short with a completely original storyline. This girl went on 5 dates in 2 minutes 20 seconds whilst testing out different medicines for her laughter! The repetition of certain shots felt slightly unnecessary, for instance the white taxi and the use of the same restaurant. Though, for logistics I can understand why this was done, it does take the viewer out of their suspension of disbelief.


Rocket by jsheridan

What a smart pup building himself a rocket ship out of cardboard and gaffa tape! A short that’s good for a laugh and might even have you looking at your dog differently. My dog is certainly not so well-trained and would most likely simply fall asleep in the rocket.


Little Larry
by keychainproductions

This is a beautifully shot film with a topic a little close to home. The time-lapse shot in the office particularly stands out. I felt the text at the end “until you find the right person…” was unnecessary as this feeling came across without it.



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