48 Hour Film Festival Photoblog

A bit of a manic weekend just passed! We took part in Glasgow’s 48 Hour Film Festival. Our finished film is called One Tanned Hide and is screening tonight (09.10.2012) at Glasgow Film Theatre.

We were given a Western genre and a few other things to include in the film. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the Production shots…

Cast & Crew early Saturday morning

The exceptionally talented Kirsty Wellcoat & Martin Donaghy

Co-Writer & Director, Paul MacGregor

Director of Photography, Clyde Jones and Sound Director, David McNeil

Actor Martin Haddow played the drunken Rambling Joe all too well!

The talented Heather Roberts as Mary Sue

Kirsty Wellcoat as Captain Ramona

Martin Donaghy & Heather Roberts

Martin Haddow

Martin Donaghy as the suave Lonesome Jack

One of our writers, Mark FitzPatrick became in charge of the clapper

Our shy sound guy, David McNeil



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